Thursday, June 9, 2016

I'm stunned by the quantity and quality of the notes taken by Denisha Jarrett in her Geometry class

Look at the work that was created here.   Although the notes will be stored as evidence of work completed, this video will document the enormity of her effort.   (look at the moon with its nose... and the buildings have stitches, like Frankenstein).

She also creates "sketches" and "doodles" that are high quality.  The video shows the image that could one day serve as a model for a CD cover or a poster.

The second video shows the number of notes... pages and pages.   The form that is called "Think about the Quiz" is an innovation at Sun Ed high school.  We recommend ANY STUDENT who uses the APEX system to use this sheet to guide their thoughts about the questions that are discovered in quizzes.

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