Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Teachers can make websites about their school work, too -- We can learn much by clicking on the TEACHER DPs at High Tech High...

This blog is generally used as a place to park projects when a student does not have a portfolio or website to store his/her project.

I hope with this post to engage the attention of students and teachers about the power of well-designed projects.

Look at this cool website called EL.  I learned about it from Jeff at High Tech High School.  
I found Jeff's digital portfolio DP and then clicked on one of his links.  "Get Bent" in the upper right corner
Go to the upper right for GET BENT    and see the TEACHER video channel

THEN I wanted to become a member of TEACHER channel and the EL site

This is from Jeff's lecture about

Then I went to the link to "Tch" that
Jeff has on the upper right.

Then I wandered over to the EL link

"WHAT WE look for"

I started at SUBMIT WORK and then saw "WHAT WE look for"

Let's see what some experts say about projects

I looked at this website and saw the BLUE LINK at the top.
Hmmmmm  let's click

Here's what I foundFULL ARTICLE

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