Sunday, January 29, 2017

Larkin and Schoenberg ask, "Google yourself. What digital footprints do you see? Are you satisfied?" I'm not.

Challenge: Google yourself and see what you find. What kind of digital footprint have you left? What kind of impact does it have? 

Larkin continues, "It is our job as educators to ensure that when potential suitors start looking for background information online about our students, they find impressive creations." This might be my favorite quote from the article; he pushes for effective online portfolios and students creating meaningful content. I'm a huge proponent of these ideas and focused a lot of my school year on promoting student creation. In fact, I blogged about it first in April with "Students Must Create!" and again in June with a guest post for the site FreeTech4Teachers, titled "Transforming Learning Through Student Content Creation." Check out those posts to see my experience and perspective on these ideas.


A message to my students.
Go to and read at least one sentence that catches your attention.  Send me that sentence and then tell me what you think about that sentence.

My sentence is "Google yourself."
My reaction is "I like that idea.  I want to do it."

Please write to me with your comments.

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