Friday, February 3, 2017

Steps for the Blake Science Fair 2017

Blake Science Fair
1.  What date is the Science Fair?
2.  What day of the week is the Science Fair?  
This page is called

Check this page for more information about the science fair

Step one:  Look up on the Internet
"What makes a good science project?"
Send me a link to see what you found.

Step two:  Look at videos on YOUTUBE
"Examples of Student Presentations at Science Fair."
What do you think about this  presentation?

What projects were shown in the White House?

Step three

What do you want to show for your Science Fair project?
Do you want to work with another person?

Can you include literature or math or history and get extra credit for other classes?

The date is March 22
The day of the week is Wedsnesday

Questions?   Call 954 646 8246

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